If you would like to read a blog that is a combination of travelogue, information, reviews, suggestions, tips and tricks, budget considerations, all with a touch of humor, you are the audience that I want to entertain! Every time I choose to travel to a place, I do a bit of online research about all the above. However, I have never found all of it in one place, and I intend to do just that.

I am a beginner in the world of blogging, so I have a lot to learn. But I also have lots to share, so if you hang around for while, you wont be disappointed. This blog is a result of some coercion from my friends and parents. Admittedly I was of a view that a blog needs lot of maintenance, but I have realized that the effort may be worth the joy of sharing.

I have a long term dream of sustainable travelling. In no way do I dislike my job. But I do think I would miss a lot in life if I stick to one place. This blog is a way to find out ways to travel without an expiration date. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can get you things that make you happy. I don’t need money for staying in resorts but I do need money to fly to French Polynesia for example.

Please share the blog and visit my Flickr website for updated photos. I welcome critics and suggestions, and spammers will not be tolerated.

Yours restlessly,